(Bag & Bulk Cement)

Tasek Corporation Berhad manufactures both bag and bulk cement for general purpose usage such as general concrete works, mortar, grouts bricklaying, plastering, tiling and more. The cement is also sent to our packing and distribution terminal at Sungai Buloh for storage, packaging and channelling to strategic distribution centres and to users in the Central and Southern regions.


Cement is produced at the Company’s plant in Ipoh which operates 24 hours a day and to support the manufacture of cement, we receive a ready supply of limestone from our limestone quarry which has been operating for over (input year) years. The raw material is processed within our facilities and produced as clinker, the primary component of cement. We also export clinker through our private jetty in Lumut Perak.

What is

Cement, in general, is a fine powder commonly used as binding materials in building and civil engineering construction. With presence of water, it will form a paste which will harden with time.


Bulk Cement

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) CEM I 42.5N is the basis product to fulfil the common concrete requirements. In 2021, Tasek has upgraded the OPC product to CEM I 52.5N to meet the market demand.

Bulk Cement

Blended Cement (Green Buaya)

Green Buaya is an environment friendly product, produced by inter-grinding with Pulverized Fly Ash to minimize the carbon footprint. It is classified under CEM II 42.5N. In 2016, our Green Buaya was certified Singapore Green Label.

Bag Cement

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) – CEM I 42.5N

Tasek Ordinary Portland cement is versatile and multi purpose cement. It is manufactured by grinding high quality Portland cement clinker with other selected materials to achieve the excellent product quality for general purpose usage. It complies with MS EN 197-1:2014 CEM | 42.5N standards.

Bag Cement

Portland Composite Cement (PCC) – CEM II 32.5N

Tasek’s Portland Composite Cement (PCC) is manufactured by grinding high quality Portland cement clinker with other selected cementitious materials. This high performance cement is specially formulated to achieve the required strength with better workability for general purpose application and it complies with MS EN 197-1:2014.

Bag Cement

Masonry Cement (MC) – MC 12.5

Tasek Masonry Cement is the brand name for masonry cement specially formulated and manufactured to achieve the required properties and workability for plastering purpose. It is produced by using high quality Portland cement clinker grinding with plasticising materials and air entraining agent in a controlled environment to assure product consistency and performance and it complies with the Malaysian Standard MS EN 413-1:2012.



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